From the very beginning, our company has specialized in non-standard solutions. We are the broker that is recommended and passed from hand to hand. At various times, IID figured out how to insure: children under the supervision of sitters, cleaners’ liability, rented photo and video equipment, liability when operating a copter and scooter, private kindergartens, franchisees and franchisors, early departure of the tenant, and even consequences of a zombie attack. All our special programs are based on the current insurance rules and are created as a result of individual work with the customer.

How does this happen? We always keep an eye on what is going on and respond flexibly to changes. Insurers are sometimes very conservative and do not have time to respond to changes with the necessary speed. Clients are busy with their core business and often do not have the opportunity to explore all the options of such a financial instrument as insurance. The expertise of a broker allows you to create the right product and quickly test the demand. Our reputation as innovators and competencies enable us to assemble teams within insurance companies and revolutionize for the consumer.

If you think that it is worth looking at insurance from a different angle, you are completely right! The special programs department of our company is open to the craziest initiatives and will translate them into a boring, but flawlessly working form of an insurance contract.
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